Funeral prearrangements


Researching funeral and cremation options for one’s self can be met with a variety of feelings. The amount of options and technicalities that go with them can generally lead to feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, saving loved ones the stress of conducting research often leads to feelings of relief.


Transferring Your Prearrangement

You are able to transfer a prearrangement between service providers whenever you like. If you have already prearranged a service elsewhere and decide that you want Harmonia to take over your prearrangement plan, just contact one of our funeral directors in order to transfer the entire prearrangement to us. Funds that are deposited for prearrangements are generally invested with institutions.

World Travel Plan

The World Travel Plan gives comfort to those who travel frequently. In the event of a death that is more than 100km from where the deceased lives, the plan covers the costs of bringing an individual home which can be more than $15,000 at times.

The World Travel Plan is available for a one-time fee of $525 in order to ensure peace of mind.